Poll Results Spreadsheet Links

We post the results in percents, as it is easier to see, but if you're interested in seeing the exact numbers, or if you just want to download a spreadsheet, you may do so here!

UPDATE: Excel spreadsheets of polls are now easier than ever to download! Click the link of the poll you want to download, and you will be able to do so automatically!

http://db.tt/R75kCiMX --> Spring 2013 Poll Questions and Answers

http://db.tt/aQTmxyzW --> Winter 2013 Poll Questions and Answers

http://db.tt/znydjxuA --> Election 2012 Poll Questions and Answers

http://db.tt/5zM9VaNt ->Town Issues 2010 Poll Questions and Answers

http://db.tt/wZdfq8HF --> Council Elections and Town Issues Poll 2010

http://db.tt/bDOeHmA1 --> Holiday Greetings Poll of 2010

http://db.tt/tlqRqvXG --> Sports Poll Questions and Answers 2011

http://db.tt/FlVy3z0J --> Primary Poll 2011

http://db.tt/TBSZoLvM -> Summer Election Poll of 2011

http://db.tt/7IrjX7AN --> Spring Political and Farmers Market Poll 2012

http://db.tt/o5Hm8nZG --> July/Summer 2012 Poll

http://db.tt/wL5mz0bP --> July/Summer 2012 Poll Data Analysis

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