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Conclusion of Public Opinion Polls for Oakland, N.J. noticed by the Oakland Patch!

Introduced Candidates at 2012 Council Canddiates Debate

I was extremely blessed and thankful that I was able to introduce the council candidates running in the 2012 election to voters in the Borough of Oakland. The debate was televised live and in reruns on the Oakland TV channel.

The Oakland Journal article:

Oakland Patch article:

Interviewed by Oakland Patch

I was recently interviewed by regarding my opinions about the goings-on in town as well as what I do here with Public Opinion Polls for Oakland, N.J.  Read the article here.

Letter to the Editor: Campaign 2011

I sent in a letter to the editor of the Suburban News for the 10/13/11 edition. You can read it by clicking the link below:

Polls featured on

Public Opinion Polls for Oakland, NJ has partnered with The Oakland Journal in order to share the results of the polls with the community in addition to assisting me in letting you know about new polls you can take. To find the most recent poll news on The Oakland Journal, click below. You may notice that a different article or piece is mixed in with this link, but please ignore that as most of what is shown is about our polls.

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First Poll Talked About on 1500 WGHT-AM

Here's the audio to the first poll discussion on WGHT with Jimmy Howes and Greta LaTona.

(Picture from left to right: Me, and WGHT DJs Greta Latona, and Jimmy Howes)

WGHT 8 3 10

Comments About Public Opinion Polls for Oakland, N.J.

 "It seems the release of Ryan Schwertfeger's candidate interviews has become the unofficial start of the campaign season in Oakland, and it was a privilege to be a participant in the interviews this year. The candidate interviews are a benefit to the community in Oakland, and from my first experience seems to benefit the candidate - which is me. It’s not just the opportunity to express my ideas and beliefs, but I appreciate the opportunity to be challenged to think more."

-Peter Kikot, As an Oakland Council Candidate

"[With] what you're doing, I have so much respect for that because you are reaching out to people on the web and the younger generation."

-Sandra Coira, as an Oakland Council Candidate (Now, a councilwoman, elected in 2011, unsuccessfully ran in 2010)

"I'd like to thank you for all the work you do in politics and polls and for someone who's worked with youth in town for such a long period of time, I find it very admirable that you have such a passion for this that you go forward."

-Mike Guadagnino (Oakland Recreation Commision Chairman and founder of Oakland Victory)

"Thanks for the courtesy of providing me with the link [to this website] and thank you for your efforts on behalf of the residents/voters of Oakland."

-Donald Burns, Oakland Councilman for 21 years

"I applaud your hard work and energy while at the same time showing an interest in Oakland's political rhelm."

-Timothy Jensen, As an Oakland Council Candidate (Now, a councilman, elected in 2010)

 "Congratulations to the kind of citizen America needs, one who is interested in looking at all sides of the picture before voting. I see a great future ahead of you, keep at it."

-Charlie Page, Oakland Resident