Introduction/Information About the Spring 2013 Poll 

As you have probably heard, seen, or read, this will be the last poll that Public Opinion Polls for Oakland, N.J. conducts. I tried to make sure that all bases were covered in asking my usual first several questions, but also by including local, state, and national government issue questions in the mix.

As many of you know by now, l have conducted polls about Oakland issues, intentions for voting in the fall, and even opinion questions to get a sense of public perception on an issue. I ask that you please share this poll with your fellow Oaklanders to get the word out so I can have more takers. The more this poll is taken, the more accurate the poll becomes as the margin of error drops.

From May 8, 2013 until May 29, 2013 this Spring 2013 poll will be running online. I will also try to make sure I am able to stand in front of the post office at least once or twice, but online forms will most likely be where most results come from.

Just as a reminder, this poll is for Oakland residents only and it can only be taken once. Multiple entries from the same person will be voided.

You can send your poll answers to me by either of the following ways:

  1. Fill out the form below which will automatically send your results to me
  2. Look at the choices and email your responses (question and your answer/s) directly to me at [email protected]

Thank You,

Ryan Schwertfeger

Thanks for participating in this online poll!

Poll results will be posted on many various pages and websites for your convenience. You will be able to see the results on The Oakland Journal ( as well as the "Latest News" section and the "Polls" section on this website.

There will also be a link to the poll results on the facebook page which I encourage you to join to find out the latest information about my polling.

Please feel free to continue looking around the website at the various features that are on here. Click "Videos" to see interviews with some of the candidates for mayor and council and click "About Me" to learn about why I started Public Opinion polls for Oakland, NJ, but if you want to be most helpful, please click "Spread the Word" so that your friends can find us and take the same poll you just did!
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When you are done, press the Send Message button ONCE but do not close the window right away.

To make sure the survey went through, please scroll towards the top of the form slowly and if you see a check mark with a message, your answer submission was successful.

If you do not see that occur, scroll through the form and look for text in red which means you omitted a part of the survey.

 Thank You!